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Get a 360 view of your applications and manage it seamlessly

While we handle all the heavy loads of the form, you can focus on selecting the best student for your institution. Our application manager helps you to swiftly manage all cross channel or departmental activities by simplifying the workflow.

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Keep an eye on the admission health in just one view

Access all your applicant data in one convenient and customizable console. Easily view, search, and edit details of submitted applications, providing a comprehensive overview, and streamlined management of prospective student information, all in a single place. Simplify your process with a single console for a more efficient and effective approach to handling applications, where you can do all sorts of searching, sorting, or editing at your will.

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We can make it simple- holistic remarketing

Send your applicant data directly to Meta (formally known as Facebook) or Google ads in just a click. 100xsuit allows you to streamline your remarketing efforts without having to ever leave that dashboard of yours. Say no to long and time taking data exchanges or data uploading processes. Just configure your lists once and relax, the system takes care of the rest!

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Make the Game Plan! Communicate with your applicants

With the 100xsuit Application Manager, you can have versatile communication options with your applicants. Reach out to registered applicants through email, SMS, or bulk WhatsApp, or connect with parents using their provided contact details. Choose from a variety of templates for tasks like prompting form completion or sending shortlisting letters. And if you prefer a personalized touch, craft custom messages, and send them seamlessly without the hassle of switching tabs or navigating through complex spreadsheets.


Keep a track, be on track! With daily trackers make it easy to manage your

Now you can have a real time graphic interface to track enquires, registrations, admissions, and all the payment related information for the management. Also Utilize intuitive filters to refine data specific to admission forms, analyse revenue versus courses, state versus applications, and observe revenue trends – all at a single glance. Gather deep insights into each applicant's information for enhanced visualization, providing comprehensive details for effective management. Keeping everything under your eye, is the way to go!

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

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