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Your application payments made easy, like never before

Load them with choices

Showcase all the payment options in the arsenal

Give your applicants the gallery of payment options to make their application payment online. Make sure they have all the options they can think of.

100xsuit provides a wide range of payment options to streamline the application process. You can make your application fee payment online using various methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Mobile Payments, Cash Cards, Demand Drafts, and Vouchers. If that doesn’t cover it all, you have the flexibility to integrate your preferred payment gateway for even more choices, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.

Step by Step

Configure and Collect Payments in Multiple Steps across portals

Allow your applicants to smoothly navigate multi-stage transactions tailored to various criteria. For example, when they choose a specific course, they can initially pay the fees and then proceed to complete the form. For a different course, the process might involve a registration fee, followed by an exam fee, and finally, a token fee to secure the seat. This can be effortlessly configured using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Upon payment approval, an automatic confirmation email will be sent, containing a payment acknowledgement receipt conveniently stored on the candidate's dashboard. Choose from a variety of pre-defined communication templates to enhance communication with applicants. Make them feel safe about their payments.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters
No Hassle-tassle

Trouble less settlement with Automated split payment option

At will, choose to split application payment among your institute, 100xsuit, and payment gateways in a single transaction. You can sit care free, we have left back the time when someone needed to keep a track on their bank statements, reconcile payments, and then spend hours figuring out the total due amount. 100xsuit allows a flawless and automatic split payment option. Once the Applicant makes the payment of the application fee, the system directly deducts the processing and payment gateway charges and remits the fund directly to your back account. Yea, it’s that simple, and safe.

Handle with care

Take care of the corner cases with Dynamic Fee collection

Want to give options for different fee types for different courses? 100xsuit simplifies fee collection for various courses by offering Dynamic Fee Collection, eliminating the need for any coding, whatsoever. With our platform, you can effortlessly create different products such as school fees, application fees, and additional course preference fees. Using the intuitive conditional form builder, you can establish specific conditions within minutes. And it’s not complex at all!

For instance, if a candidate applies only for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) in B.Tech, they pay INR 1500. If another candidate applies for both CSE and Information Technology (IT) in the same form, they pay INR 1500 plus an additional INR x, and so forth. Every applicant is unique, and 100xsuit provides the flexibility of selection-based fee collection to cater to individual preferences.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters
Attract them

By creating and distributing discounts and vouchers

Have you seen anyone unhappy after getting a discount or a voucher? Neither have we, so why deprive the students from the same? Boost up your marketing campaigns and drive increased registrations and applications by seamlessly integrating coupon codes with 100xsuit. Our user-friendly Discount and Voucher Manager lets you to effortlessly create and distribute discount codes. Applicants can easily apply these codes during the application process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free payment experience.

Whether you prefer single or multiple uses of discount codes, our system allows flexibility. Assign codes to your offline admission teams and effortlessly track their usage with our seamless Payment Manager. Say goodbye to traditional brochures and OMR sheets – 100xsuit introduces voucher cards, a cost-effective alternative that provides payment options for students without debit/credit/net banking access. Upgrade your processes and streamline payment methods with our innovative solutions.

Make them feel safe

Any payment issues? Stay on top of it with Fall Back Options

We live in a fast-pacing internet world, things can go wrong at any point of time. We all have been there, haven’t we? Eliminate the frustration of your applicant complaints regarding malfunctioning payment gateways with 100xsuit. We prioritize the Candidate Experience by introducing Advanced Fall-Back Options. If the system identifies any issues with the current payment gateway, it automatically switches to an alternative, fully functional one in real- time. This ensures that your candidates experience a smooth journey without any disruptions, allowing applications to flow in seamlessly. Trust 100xsuit to prioritize the reliability and continuity of your application processes.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters
Get the Final Bill

Real time tracking with one view purchase summary

At a single place, that to real time! The One View Purchase Summary provides a comprehensive overview of total purchases within a specified timeframe. It offers a user- friendly and concise presentation of payment details, whether it is a successful online payment or the acceptance of a DD/cheque by your finance team. Gain insights into all product sales, including application fees, token fees, test preparation packs, physical brochures, and more.

Make use of advanced reporting options to customize views based on form, transaction date, transaction ID, or payment method. Our platform allows you and your team to filter and export all transactional data as detailed reports in CSV format for easy analysis.

Furthermore, enhance user convenience by providing access to the Purchase Summary. Enable users to navigate seamlessly through their purchase history without the need to cross-reference details across different platforms. Simplify the tracking and management of transactional data with our user-friendly features. Make it easy for them.

100x Suite in action

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