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Make it easy for your students, automate their Application Processes

But why ? What’s the use?

Gone are those days when educational organizations used to manage their application processes in pen and paper (Offline Mode). Candidates were manually evaluated based on a blueprint expressed in terms of academic qualifications, personal characteristics, geographic base, and gender diversity. The absence of a centralized system resulted in overwhelmed admission officers, causing inefficiencies in time and valuable resources. This not only impacted the institution's reputation but also led to delays in processing applications and missed opportunities.

100xsuit Advanced form builder is builder is designed for educational organizations from higher education to online degree programs, from coaching institutes to EdTech Businesses, and from K- 12 to playschools and preschools. That’s a wide range! This empowers you and your team to automate the application processes by integrating student forms across portals and consolidating their information details in a single platform. With advance features like drag and drop builder, custom templates, document manager and payment manager, you can carry on with multiple applications in just some minutes, without even compromising with the candidate experience and quality enrolments.

Keep it simple! With intuitive form builder, make it easier.

Sometimes the best solution is to keep it simple. Effortlessly create personalized application forms, registration forms, recruitment forms, surveys, and feedback forms by simply dragging and dropping form components. With complete platform independence, allowing seamless embedding across various data sources to connect with candidates effectively.

And with built-in custom validation, address field information discrepancies, promoting optimal data accuracy throughout your forms. Ensure precise engagement with prospects, enhancing your institution's overall standing and maximizing successful opportunities.

Consistency is the secret With scalable custom templates ensure consistency across portals

100xsuit allows you to independently create and manage enrollment application forms tailored to the specific course preferences of prospects. Whether it's a single page, multi- page, multi-step, or conditional form, your teams can effortlessly set up field-based logic and choose from a diverse library of over 100 efficient, scalable templates with just a few clicks, without falling into any technical complexities.

Moreover, the smart form creation feature allows you to streamline your student application workflows seamlessly, guiding candidates from inquiry to enrollment. This ensures personalized experiences for each candidate and enables you to plan your next strategic moves with utmost ease and efficiency.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Be optimistic! Organize applications effortlessly with built-in form optimization

Utilize the built-in form optimization feature to adjust your forms according to your candidates' needs and inputs. All thanks to a robust and secure architecture, you can have the flexibility to incorporate your own code snippets or set up multiple conditions based on candidate preferences, enhancing the overall form-filling experience. Its just like putting up a filter based on preferences.

Furthermore, you have the added advantage of deciding the visibility of fields, sections, or pages for candidates, you can selectively mask information and designate fields as mandatory or non-mandatory. This adaptability accommodates a diverse candidate pool, maximizing opportunities for winning.

Save it before its gone? No more, amplify your candidate experience with real time auto save

We all have been through this situation at least once in our life time. Let’s make it easy for the next generation, ensure the utmost convenience for your candidates by implementing real-time auto-saving of their forms. This feature allows candidates to effortlessly fill, view, edit, or modify their applications later when they return to their Student Enrolment Portal. The system automatically saves any changes or progress made by candidates in their applications, eliminating the need for them to explicitly click on the save button. This not only enhances the user experience but also provides a stress-free application process for your candidates.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Show the power! – With the powerful document manager, bring in ease of administration

Its all just for your students. With 100xsuit’s powerful document manager now your admission team can accept documents i.e., marksheets, photographs, signatures, etc. from candidates in almost 25 different formats! They can build custom logic to allow document uploads based on the candidate’s selection, thus reducing the burden on the shoulders of your internal departments, saving their time and energy.

That’s not all, your candidates can also directly fetch their documents through integration with Digi locker and attach them to their application in the Student Enrolment portal at point of time, from any place in the world.

Go easy with the money- streamline your payments with pre, mid or post fee options

Give some ease when its about the money. Simplify complex transactions with multi-stage processing, adjusted to various criteria such as course offerings and application stages, using custom preferred logics.

Whether you prefer collecting the application fee before allowing students to complete the application form or verifying eligibility criteria before proceeding to payments, you can effortlessly configure these processes in the Payment Manager Section. This flexibility allows you to customize and manage your payment workflows according to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient application experience for both your institution and applicants.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters
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