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Campaign Management System: Better Marketing campaigns boosts the enrolments drastically

To get your enrolments to the next level, you need to identify the top-performing channels and run data-driven, progressive campaigns with higher conversions. Have the control and the impact of your lead sources, cutting out assumption-based expenditures!

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Get real! – Boost your enrolment numbers with
Real-Time Campaign Management

You cannot reach places unless you show people what you are making. That is where Marketing Campaigns play their role, letting the target audience know what you do and scaling the enrolments. In today’s social media world, the current marketing ecosystem of educational organisations have numerous businesses to be taken care of other than those traditional offline walk-ins and telephony leads. Resulting in a larger pool of prospects, which might lead to losing track of the real-time data, that could be a potential task to deal with unless you have a great campaign management system.

With 100xsuit campaign manager, you can keep an eye on all your campaigns while measuring and optimising them, at real time. This maximises the marketing ROI and enrolments drastically. No more hit and trial kind of loose approach, take control and run progressive, data-driven marketing campaigns both offline and online, welcoming complete transparency and accountability in the go!

Keep an eye! – Measure, track and optimise your campaigns

Monitor your campaigns in real-time to optimize performance. Smartly allocate your marketing resources to generate more successful opportunities and effortlessly reach your enrolment targets.


Source Classification

Categorise leads and enquiries automatically into different sources with smart widgets.


Quality lead intake

Verify lead quality automatically on the go.


Optimising Conversion rate

Optimise lead to enrolment trends based on the source, disposition, activity, and all other aspects.


KPI driven accountability

Ensure accountability from publishers by implementing a Cost Per Verified Lead or Cost Per Primary Verified Lead model.


Top notch channel and publishers

Look out and optimise the performance of all the lead sources and enquiries.

Offline Campagn


Its important to know the Mutually Exclusive Impact of lead sources at every level of the enrolment process.

On your screen! – keep a track on the campaign performance in real time

Stay informed about your campaign's progress with real-time analytics. Recognize top- performing and underperforming lead sources and adjust incentives accordingly. Use actual campaign performance metrics to analyse, compare, and plan marketing expenses, avoiding decisions based on assumptions.

Real Time optimisation: Optimise the campaigns by tracking the performance in real time.

Be the eagle and have your eyes on all your marketing campaigns across all platforms and track the real time analytical insights. Identify top-performing channels and campaigns, keeping track of both total and verified leads. Make informed decisions by analysing and comparing real-time campaign performance metrics, throwing away from assumption-based choices that you would have had to make. Additionally, you can track the number of verified leads that have successfully completed their applications and enrolled. That is a plus, isn’t it?

Quality matters ft. MEI (Mutually Exclusive Impact)

MEI or mutually exclusive impact gives you the power to identify the primary touch point of the leads and the enquiries as the CRM categorise them into primary, secondary and tertiary stages. This allows you to track the top-performing channel, identifying how many leads have completed application forms, made payments, and enrolled. Gain transparency and accountability with merit-based attribution of publishers using unique MEI numbers and percentages to measure their performance.

Set up the bar- Benchmark and compare publisher’s performances

Give Publishers control with a dedicated panel to track leads in real-time, boosting the flow of quality leads. The dashboard lets them monitor Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary instances of all leads while ensuring data privacy for you and transparency for them, giving them the control. Publishers can also see their MEI number, percentage, and other metrics to optimize performance continuously. Bring in accountability in their marketing efforts!

Get the APIs on the go! – Improve the quality of leads from publisher’s APIs automatically

Tailor the Dynamic Lead Flow algorithm to meet a minimum verification benchmark, enhancing the quality of your API-received leads. Monitor your publishers' real-time performance and alter them as needed. Witness the daily improvement in lead quality after configuring the system. The platform dynamically rewards or penalizes publishers based on a runtime report, making it cost-effective for your organisation. Additionally, create custom workflows for Dynamic Lead Verification based on course, class, city, and other parameters.

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