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Scale your Enrolments with Lead Management Platform

Centralise, manage, and distribute all incoming leads/enquiries captured from multiple sources to nail every opportunity and eliminate the industry-wide problem of lead leakage and duplicity.

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What is the need of a Lead Management System in
today’s Educational Organisations?

Any organisation in this world or beyond, comes with a top-notch management system to run smoothly. Traditionally, the educational organisations received inquiries and applications from various channels, acquired them across different spreadsheets or tools. The absence of a centralized system can lead to lost or duplicated leads, resulting in increased marketing expenses and missed opportunities to engage with potential students.

This is when 100xsuit Lead management system comes into action, centralising and managing all your incoming lead flows in one single place. Worried about the size, potential lead leakage and the duplicity? Don’t you worry, we got you covered and ensure zero loss opportunities. No matter where your leads come from- Facebook, WhatsApp, online or offline, walk-ins or fairs; with the primary, secondary and tertiary source attribution- you will not find the same data(leads) twice! Making it less of a challenge for your team to work with the leads and helps them to prioritise the engagement and with optimised workflow, effortlessly admitting the new talents with the 100xsuit Mobile app.

Leakage ! - we ensure you, there are none

A potential lead not only brings a great business opportunity but also introduces us to a whole new talent. We can not afford to miss out on any of them. So, the solution is to centralise all your leads and enquiries that comes from various platform/sources on a single yet powerful dashboard. While seamlessly managing the enormous data that you got from websites, social medias, agencies, walk-ins, and education fairs, you can ensure zero lead leakage and maximum cost optimisation.

Zero Education Lead Leakage

All in one- Centralising all the leads together.

Any management system is not that great unless it’s centralised in a single place- a uniform platform. Its important to gather all the leads together, no matter where they come from. 100xsuit Lead Centralisation module keeps all the data secure and removes any data duplicity. This gives you the power to see though any student history in real time. All the data across campus, branches and centres are automatically visible to the head branch with full control. Grab leads and inquiries instantly from all your online platforms, paid sources, incoming calls, social media, and digital agencies. And here's the kicker—let different campuses, branches, or centres directly upload their offline data to our centralized hub



Capture every leads smartly with the smart widgets and enquiry forms. They are handy! enquiry.


Social Media

Why go somewhere else when you can get all the leads and enquiries from social media campaign directly on the dashboard.



With the cloud telephony providers, there is no chance to miss out on any of the leads coming from incoming calls.


Publishers or Digital Agencies

Snag leads directly from publishers or digital agencies by seamlessly redirecting them to your website or integrating through API.


Conversational Chatbot

Chatbot: Turn website visitors into leads with Niaa, our clever AI chatbot that loves a good conversation.

Offline Campagn

Offline Campaigns

Upload all the cool leads you meet in person – from walk-ins, education fairs, seminars, and more.

Zero Lead Duplication

When you work with multiple large data sources, there is a high chance of receiving a single lead/ enquire more than once. Eliminate that issue completely with the CRM, that effortlessly captures inquiries from up to 3 sources: Primary, secondary, and tertiary. This will empower your teams to skilfully monitor lead source performances, optimize nurturing workflows, and facilitate seamless admissions – all without dependence on traditional sales CRMs, ERPs, or third-party solutions. In return, enhance productivity at both individual and branch/campus levels, ensuring each admission counsellor or sales representative focuses on distinct prospects, minimizing redundancy.

Zero Education Lead Leakage

Revolutionary Source Tracking for Zero Duplicate Leads

100xsuits introduces an industry-first, foolproof source attribution method, ensuring complete transparency and accountability in the admission process. Our CRM uniquely identifies the lead/enquiry source at the very first interaction, labelling it as the Primary source. Subsequent sources are then classified as Secondary, Tertiary, and so forth. This approach allows you to track multiple source levels without repeatedly uploading the lead/enquiry, eliminating duplication. With dynamic attribution based on Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary sources, you can pinpoint your top-performing channels and optimize your marketing ROI.

Nourishment is the Key!

Nurturing your approach and connecting with potential students through various channels is what you need, we do it using marketing automation. Smart prompts inserted into the system reduce response times, ensuring your team steps in at the perfect moment. It provides compelling communication across different platforms to nurture prospects, boost your brand, and reduce the journey from inquiry to enrolment. That’s what a great management system does. Read more about Lead Nurturing.

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