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Lead Nurturing: Ensure 360° Engagement with Lead Nurturing Platform

Deliver targeted, omnichannel engagement experiences to your prospects that bolsters their decision to join your organisation.

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Why is Lead Nurturing important for
Educational Organisations?

Nourishment is important, no matter if its life or just any organization. Educational organizations are flooded with leads and enquiries from various sources for any course, class, or program. But due to limited resources, they primarily rely on mass emails, SMS messages, and individual calls for nurturing. Unfortunately, this leads to delayed and insufficient engagement for many potential students, affecting lead acquisition costs, marketing ROI, brand reputation, and ultimately, losing out on enrolments.

100xsuits’ specialized education CRM allows you to efficiently match the right prospect with the most suitable admission counselors or sales representatives. Call it match-making? This is done based on signals and their areas of interest, either through a round-robin system or dynamically using custom logic. Whether done manually or automated at both branch and group levels, the platform includes smart prompts to reduce response times, just for your team to intervene at the right time! In short, it streamlines your nurturing efforts for maximum engagement, leading to improved conversions more quickly.

Right Thing at the Right time!

Deliver right content at the right time through the right channel. To get a faster and more conversions you can always engage your prospects across different touchpoints.



What’s better that a one-to-one conversation? Call the leads directly through the web or via app with one single click.



Want to use some technology? Use the personalized emails with an advanced drag and drop email builder.


WhatsApp business API

Some more Technology? Use the rich media messaging through your verified WhatsApp account.


AI Chatbot

The education chatbot- A level higher? Sit back and let the AI- based conversational chatbot do the work on web and WhatsApp.



Or try old school? Send personalized multilingual text messages

Offline Campagn


Connections-Don’t let them go. Retarget your candidates with relevant ads to convert faster.

One place got it all! - One view lead Profile

Easily grasp all the important details about a lead or inquiry in one glance. From their complete profile, engagement score, and progress stage, to their activity history, communication logs, and follow-ups – access all the information you need for a meaningful follow-up conversation. This ensures efficient lead nurturing that leads to successful conversions.

Stop missing out on things!

You will hate to miss out on opportunities. Allocate the right lead to the suitable counsellors or sales agent based on signals and their field of interest- either dynamically, based on your preferred custom logic or by round robin method. This not only ensures that you don’t miss out on leads but also improves contextual engagement and reduces response time. Use the integrated system to customize lead or inquiry allocation workflows. Tailor them based on factors such as courses, classes, branches, programs, sources, and stages. This ensures a streamlined process, minimizing drop-offs.

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Priorities Matter! Get better engagement through lead score and lead strength

Adjust lead scoring settings to match your preferences and gauge a prospect's interest in joining the organization. In addition to the Lead Score, 100xsuit’s CRM offers a unique feature called Lead Strength. This industry-first feature indicates the prospect's intent relative to the overall pool of inquiries, helping you prioritize outreach to the most promising leads. Henceforth resulting in better enrolments.

It’s the AI generation- Nurture prospects whenever-wherever with Niaa, the AI-based conversational chatbot.

Let Niaa, our 24/7 conversational AI chatbot, handle everything from inquiries to enrollment. Acting as virtual support, Niaa engages with candidates based on their profile and enrollment stage. Whether on the web or WhatsApp, Niaa even calculates your ROI in real-time. It's your all-in-one assistant for a smooth journey from inquiry to enrollment!

Art of crafting an email! – Drop emails in seconds with advanced template creator

Level up your email strategy instantly by using our intuitive drag-and-drop template creator. Access a rich image gallery featuring 100+ free, mobile-friendly images to boost engagement. Tailor your emails to specific courses, classes, branches, cities, and programs based on prospects' enrollment journey stages. With just a click, send personalized bulk emails with unique direct login links, allowing prospects to take swift action towards enrollment in your organization.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Game Plan is important- With Strategic remarking connectors engage seamlessly.

With the targeted ads, run remarketing campaigns to nurture and convert leads. Get more crowd on your google and Facebook accounts automatically and forget needing to sync your data ever again. Grab the specific target leads and show them relevant ads, based on their stage in their enrolment process.

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Lead Centralization
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Attribution of Sources
Editable Lead Source

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