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Marketing Automation for Educational Institution

Have more control in the engagements with marketing automation. Personalising and targeting marketing communication to prospective students to improve engagement, boosting ROI, and scaling your enrolments drastically.

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Why is Lead Nurturing important for
Educational Organisations?

Nourishment is important, no matter if its life or just any organization. Educational organizations are flooded with leads and enquiries from various sources for any course, class, or program. But due to limited resources, they primarily rely on mass emails, SMS messages, and individual calls for nurturing. Unfortunately, this leads to delayed and insufficient engagement for many potential students, affecting lead acquisition costs, marketing ROI, brand reputation, and ultimately, losing out on enrolments.

100xsuits’ specialized education CRM allows you to efficiently match the right prospect with the most suitable admission counselors or sales representatives. Call it match-making? This is done based on signals and their areas of interest, either through a round-robin system or dynamically using custom logic. Whether done manually or automated at both branch and group levels, the platform includes smart prompts to reduce response times, just for your team to intervene at the right time! In short, it streamlines your nurturing efforts for maximum engagement, leading to improved conversions more quickly.

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Have a full angle experience: 360 degrees marketing automation for enrolments

Get faster and increased conversions with automated engagement for your prospects across channels to ensure multiple touchpoints.



Automate the mails depending on prospect’s admission journey.



Engage and cultivate potential leads with multilingual text messages.


WhatsApp business API

Enhance engagement through immersive messaging on WhatsApp.


Push Notifications

Guarantee timely actions from both prospects and counsellors.

Keep it natural, keep it automatic: automate targeted communication through drip marketing workflows

Keep everything just a button away, automate interacting experiences for your potential prospects with cool widgets and a steady stream of marketing emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. Tailor your communication along the inquiry to enrolment journey, adapting to the prospect's stage and activities using an intuitive drip marketing workflow builder. Once configured, just relax, and witness the effectiveness of real-time marketing automation as you watch your enrolments scale effortlessly.

The royal treatment- Supreme experience to your prospects

Give your prospects the supreme treatment that they deserve, when you communicate personally and promptly with prospects, it makes them more likely to respond positively, boosts your school's reputation, and strengthens their decision to enrol. Instead of making prospective students wait for updates or responses to their queries, why not automate communication to engage and convert them faster?

Work, Analyse, Optimise, Repeat! - Improve automated workflows with in-depth analytics

Monitor, measure, and optimize your marketing automation workflows with a real-time overview, identifying your top-performing channels. Utilize drill-down reports to make strategic decisions in real-time and maximize the return on investment from your marketing spend. And all that, in your control. Now that is called optimisation!

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters
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Lead Centralization
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Attribution of Sources
Editable Lead Source

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