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Optimising Campaigns: Through the eyes of a Publisher

Give them the Vision! –Empower your partners with
Real Time Visibility

How do we get the most out of any campaign or marketing activity? Well for starters the publishers and the institutions need to be in a complete synchronisation. And to keep that coordination, in one hand our campaign manager allows institutions to monitor campaigns with the highest level of transparency and in the other hand we enable the publishers to track their own performance at micro level. This creates an opportunity for the publishers to deliver beyond sub-optimal level. With analytical power, the publishers can now work full fledged with the data, that too in real time. Now they can deliver better and faster.

Get it on your screen- a real time lead dashboard

Lead and enquiry dashboard brings powerful tools and widgets for publishers to keep an eye on their deliverables, this data helps to identify the trends and allows you to monitor it. Keeping a check on the health and quality of your leads in real time. You can also set up a bar with relative benchmarking, now the publishers can compare their delivery against the top publishers for any given institute and with industry leading analytics and insights, tuning their strategies to match up the game! This technique of comparative benchmarking helps the publishers to identify their strengths and weakness by measuring their growth over days, weeks, or months.

Keep an eye on what they talk about! – track conversions with the application dashboard

The publishers can now track the entire journey of a student with the Application Dashboard, starting from registering an enquiry to finally submitting the application form. With the help of ground breaking predictive analytics and real time updates, this cool dashboard gives them the complete sketch of the lead status. Just to note- applicant’s data visibility is completely subject to client’s approval. So just in case the institution doesn’t wish to give access to the publishers for the same, this dashboard will be out of their sight. So, keep an eye, only if they want you to!

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

If its trending, its working! – Identify what is working with campaign dashboard

There are many campaigns running, how do you know which one is working? Identify which campaigns are working for the institution, 100xsuit has a multiple level tracking system that stores up to 3 source instances of the same lead in the system, helping you to find out the number of duplicate lead attempts, if any and their respective source. The Campaign dashboard not only shows the trends and data visuals of all the campaigns running, but also shows the exact delivery of their top campaigns and let them identify the best mediums.

Kind of a live location! – intuitive and advanced insights with geographical dashboard

What if you could track the location of your lead? Well, the Geographical Dashboard offers valuable insights into the location of leads. It provides real-time breakdowns by state and city, along with a new Relative Benchmarking feature. This allows publishers to optimize campaigns geographically, in simple words- putting up a location filter, delivering better leads from areas outside the usual catchment. With institution approval, marketing agencies can also view application distribution across states and cities, tracking growth over time.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

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