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Streamlined Student Inquiry Management

Bring in unmatched efficiency in managing student inquiries, boost enrollment rates, and improve overall student satisfaction.

Handle student queries effortlessly with 100xsuit’s robust system

Take your student support system to the next level with 100xsuit’s specialized Query Management System. It enables the candidates and their guardians with the feature to submit queries directly from their personal dashboard, while on the other hand the real- time notification keeps them updated about the status of their inquiries. This interactive and intuitive nature of the system has been made specially to fit the needs of different educational organizations- starting from Higher Education and online Degree programs to coaching institutions, Ed-tech companies, K-12 schools and even Preschools!

Besides that, after the pandemic, people tend to lean towards online process of admission and its proceedings. The 100xsuit GD-WAT-PI platform offers a solution by automating and streamlining these post-application processes in one unified platform. It comes with features like flexible slot booking, dynamic venue allocation, panel assignment, video interviews, and live attendance tracking, institutions can efficiently sort, shortlist, and evaluate candidates based on their preferred criteria. This simple process enables impactful decision-making for driving quality enrolments with a higher quality check.

With Flexible GD-PI slot booking, schedule sessions instantly.

With our system you can automatically allocate the GD-PI slots according to your timeline or you can provide your candidates with options to choose from and book available slots as per their convince. Any which way, the candidates will receive an auto-generated message after the slot is booked via email, SMS, or WhatsApp communication in real time. This will confirm their slot in a smooth and convenient way.

And with built-in custom validation, address field information discrepancies, promoting optimal data accuracy throughout your forms. Ensure precise engagement with prospects, enhancing your institution's overall standing and maximizing successful opportunities.

Consistency is the secret With scalable custom templates ensure consistency across portals

100xsuit allows you to independently create and manage enrollment application forms tailored to the specific course preferences of prospects. Whether it's a single page, multi- page, multi-step, or conditional form, your teams can effortlessly set up field-based logic and choose from a diverse library of over 100 efficient, scalable templates with just a few clicks, without falling into any technical complexities.

Moreover, the smart form creation feature allows you to streamline your student application workflows seamlessly, guiding candidates from inquiry to enrollment. This ensures personalized experiences for each candidate and enables you to plan your next strategic moves with utmost ease and efficiency.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Increase team productivity with automated panel assignment

Achieve comprehensive GD-PI management with 100xsuit by simply assigning panels and evaluators to candidates. You can also automate workflows based on triggers and notify evaluators when to initiate interviews and candidates when to join through our Student Admission Portal. You also have the liberty to customize meeting reminders for evaluators and candidates to ensure no communication is missed, providing a smooth end-to-end applicant experience.

Take video interviews at any point of time

Now with 100xsuit’s single dashboard you can conduct GD-PI interviews without even breaking a sweat. Allow the panellists and applicants to connect virtually via platforms like zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams simply just by clicking the ‘Join’ button beside the candidate’s name, you will find it in the top of any live panel. That’s not all, you can also monitor and evaluate the performances of the applicants in real- time with the help of customizable parameters, while the GD-PI is still going on or after the end of the sessions.

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Never miss out on any opportunity with Live Attendance tracking

Do you think taking the attendance of the candidates is a task, or have you ever wanted a simple and easy way of tracking the candidate’s attendance? Well, with 100xsuit’s Live Attendance tracker you can know how many candidates showed up for the interviews on the scheduled day and spot their attendance patterns. You also have the convenience to mark a candidate present or absent and make last moment adjustments to your panel allocation, with just a push of a button!

For Offline GD-WAT-PI Processes

Did you really thing we will miss out on this aspect of the process? Well, no we got you covered here as well.

Plan your venue capacity effortlessly

Well online or offline, we are here to help your organisation in any way possible. If your post-application processes are conducted offline, plan the venue selection for thousands of candidates effortlessly. Define multiple venues in one go and allow candidates to choose their preferred centres with minimal operational efforts. You can also set the maximum capacity for all venues dynamically, ensuring a smooth process as all candidates are accommodated well in advance of the final interview day. Avoiding any kind of rush or mishap!

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Allocate the test centres dynamically

Allocate your test centres seamlessly based on maximum capacity intake and candidate preferences. You can manage your post-application process duration by setting custom metrics for the number of days it will run. Configure preferred time slots that align with your team's availability, providing flexibility and ease of coordination, avoiding any type of last- minute rush.

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