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User Management: Be the one in charge of your data with next level User Management

Advanced user management?
Why do we need that?

Technically, it contributes to a more secure, streamlined, and compliant handling of user data within a system or platform. But to answer your question- educational institutions must ensure that their team members have the correct permissions to access admission management functions. In the past, a lack of organized procedures at the administrative level resulted in challenges in managing user access to specific data. This led to inconsistencies in data within admission teams, posing data privacy concerns and impacting the institution's reputation and enrolment numbers. In short, we need it to maintain the hierarchy.

100xsuit advanced user management system enables your education institution to create, manage and monitor the login sessions for any given user and establish rules and boundaries for viewing, editing, and managing leads or any application data. Along with that 100xsuit advanced data masking feature allows you to safely store candidate details, and to completely secured. Which optimises your team’s bandwidth to deliver a high-end user experience and pace up the conversions.

It is the security guard: Advance User Manager helps to manage the user account securely

We got you protected! When you use the 100xsuit advanced user management system you can create, manage, and secure login credentials for each user. This would help you to establish secure authorization of resources and manage user permissions i.e. to view, to edit, and to modify admissions data based on the hierarchy of the department roles.

It’s behind the mask: ensure optimum security with advanced data masking

You will worry less when you keep all your sensitive admission data behind the mask and protect them from unauthorized eyes with the advance 100xsuit data masking. With that you can securely store, use, and protect your leads and application information while complying with your institution's privacy regulations. Take control of who has access to what, ensuring consistent adherence to privacy standards. The advantage of Advanced Data Masking lies in its ability to allow your teams to carry out their tasks effectively. For instance, counsellors can make calls, marketing teams can send communications, and finance teams can perform reconciliation—all without accessing applicants' email addresses or phone numbers. This guarantees the complete privacy of your applicants' information, keeping it all secure!

Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Be on track by keeping a track: Monitor all sessions with user activity logs

When you talk a great user management system, you do not want to miss out on tracking your user activity. 100xsuit's cloud-based user management system allows you to seamlessly review and track all activities and sessions performed by your users. Every time a user adds, updates, or removes another user, group, or role, a corresponding event is logged in the user activity log. These comprehensive logs cover various activities, including login events, downloads, and communication activities, providing a detailed record of user interactions within the system.

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