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Why be still when you can make engagements dynamic with WhatsApp Business API

Boost your conversions with personalized nurturing on the most preferred channel by using the power of the WhatsApp Business API at your fingertips.

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How WhatsApp Business API is becoming the
new face of Lead Nurturing?

Well for starters, WhatsApp is apparently a more personal mode of communication, building trust automatically. Besides that, it is the most widely used channel among all in today’s world. And the reasons behind such statements are its features like rich media messaging and the ability to broadcast messages to multiple candidates simultaneously. With an impressive open rate exceeding 98% the WhatsApp Business API significantly enhances engagement and strengthens brand recall.

100xsuit WhatsApp business integration transforms the use of this App by your educational organization. It won’t be the same anymore! WhatsApp business enables you to personalize nurturing with the help of interactive broadcast and by sharing real time updates with the prospects. Now scale up your enrolment with just some simple clicks while you optimize the counsellor representative’s productivity and maximize you Return on investment in the market.

Get that tag !

Do you know? Very few businesses are verified by WhatsApp as official business accounts! Stand out and get your business verified to elevate your brand recall. If the eyes see a verified tag, they will automatically build more trust for you, this will enhance the brand’s credibility amongst the prospects and bolster their decision to join your education organization. That is not all! Even if a user does not.

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Enhance your nurturing strategy by automating interactive messages tailored to the prospect's stage in the enrollment journey, allowing you to scale conversions more effectively. Share direct login links, fee payment plans, acknowledgement slips, and virtual interaction links, providing prospects with the ability to take immediate action at their fingertips. Streamline the entire journey from inquiry to enrollment by effortlessly sharing crucial updates, simplifying the process for prospective students, and making essential information easily accessible.

Make your own design!

Effortlessly create and store interactive templates in the system, ready to be sent anytime, anywhere! Arm yourself with pre-designed messages for commonly used communications like welcome messages or application submission reminders, available for use whenever needed. The use of tokens adds a personal touch every time, ensuring that your messages are customized and resonate with your audience on an individual level. Streamline your communication process and save time with readily available, personalized templates.

Lastly, get it automated!

Introducing you Niaa – the conversational chatbot to contextually engage with your candidates any time of the day, week, month! Get that on web, WhatsApp, and Meta (formally known as Facebook). Niaa provides a delightful counselling experience with a slight human touch.

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The Ultimate Guide on WhatsApp Communication to Convert More

Empower your teams to drive dynamic communication workflows via WhatsApp Business API to drive instant engagement, increase brand recall and maximise enrolments.

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