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Empowering enrollment growth
at scale, globally

Whether it’s boosting team productivity or student experience, optimizing marketing spends or growing enrollments, 100xsuite unified platform equips educational organizations to do it all. Purpose-built by those who know the education industry better.

Enrollment Cloud


Education CRM


Application Platform


Education Payment Cloud

Payment Cloud

Education Chatbot


We are the Operating System for Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Our comprehensive suite of purpose-built tools functions like a well-oiled operating system, seamlessly addressing every aspect of the process. While these solutions stand out individually for their robust capabilities, their real impact is realized when you enroll as one.

Enrollment Cloud

Take control of the entire funnel from inquiry to enrollment and double down on your institution’s efforts to attract, engage and enroll on a single platform.

All your teams

Key features

  • 360˚ view across the Admission Lifecycle
  • Comprehensive Communication Suite
  • Extensive Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics Engine
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Education CRM

Equip your sales & marketing teams to be super-efficient as they contextually engage and convert more students. Enroll faster with the in-built payment platform and track sales campaign effectiveness.

Key features

  • Sales Execution & Automation
  • Sales Tracking & Performance
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrated Payment Platform
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Application Platform

Accelerate your application-to-enrollment rate as you equip your admissions teams to create advanced custom forms, manage the post-application GD-PI, and seamlessly do everything in between.

Admission Teams

Key features

  • One-view Application Manager
  • Admission Workflow
  • Student Enrollment Portal
  • Post Application Automation
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Education Payment Cloud

Make fee collection easier, faster, and more secure across all student touchpoints. Automate fee reminders, configure payment splits and late fees all while you get run time settlement reports, finance dashboards, and more!

Finance Team

Key features

  • Extensive Fee Workflows
  • Payment Settlement in Multiple Accounts
  • Reconciliation & Settlement Reports
  • Automated GST & Surcharge Handling
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Education Chatbot

Put the smartest admission counselor to work who can convert all inbound and advertising traffic into qualified leads by contextually engaging with them on your website. Uncover intent signals and increase your ROI.

Key features

  • Intent-verified Lead Generation
  • Contextual Nurturing 24×7
  • Omni-channel Presence
  • Real-time ROI Dashboard
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Everything you need to
make your teams agile and productive

Sales Team

Sales Teams

Drive leads to closure and at scale with powerful sales management, performance reporting, and notifications.

Marketing Team

Marketing Teams

Attract right audiences, run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale and contextually nurture leads down the sales funnel.

Admission Team

Admissions Teams

Streamline and manage applications at scale as you automate all application and post-application tasks in a single platform.

Finance Teams

Finance Teams

Make fee collection easier, faster, and more secure with one-click payment automations, fee forecasting, finance dashboards, and run-time settlement reports.

Operation Teams

Operation Teams

Streamline processes and make migration easy as you gain control of everything from data to technology.

Trusted by over 1000 educational organizations

From EdTech Companies, Coaching & Training Institutes, Study Abroad Consultants, K12 Schools, Play & Pre-Schools to Higher Education Institutions, everybody loves us for what we do.

Why Choose Us?

Will 100x Suite work for my educational organization?

Yes, if you are ready to scale. Here are reasons why we’re known as game-changers in student recruitment and enrollments.

Purpose-built to keep you enrolling

With insights gained from serving over a thousand educational organizations.

Scalability at the forefront

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Dedicated training and migration support

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Connect 100x Suites with apps and integrations you use

Expand the possibilities of what can be achieved

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Our customers market our product the best

100x Suite in action

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Know how you could equip your teams to be more productive with our purpose-built solutions and grow your enrollments like never before.


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