Introducing India’s

Magical ERP

for Education Industry

The 100X Suite provides an all-inclusive set of solutions designed to satisfy the various demands for education management by institutions. Every module—from admissions, finance, and operations to sales and marketing—is painstakingly created to optimize workflows and boost output in every division.

Our Services


Our Software Solutions are intended to revolutionize education management by enhancing communication, providing deep insights for informed decision-making, and automating administrative tasks


Active Internship intended to give viable experience and industry hands-on experience opportunities. Our Internship service empowers individuals with real-world skills and knowledge to launch their careers.

Training Content

Change your institution's capacities with our engaged training content. Intended to empower teachers and staff, it covers fundamental themes from innovation reconciliation to educational accepted procedures.

About 100X Suite

  1. 100X Suite is a groundbreaking Operating System for Student Learning, Enrollments and Recruitment, equipping educational organizations worldwide.
  3. It is the de-facto choice for all educational organizations seeking to fuel enrollment growth.
  5. It empowers 0.1 million active students, processes 10 million inquiries, and manages 1 million applications on average.

What Do We Offer?

100X Suite provides powerful yet easy-to-use solutions, enhancing productivity for Sales, Marketing, Admission, Finance, and Operation teams.

Products listed below are all purpose-built to sustain and boost enrollment in educational organizations:

  • Lead Management System with Marketing Automation
  • Admission Management System with Time Table Management
  • Events Management
  • Learning Management System with Course Management
  • Exam Management & Certificate Management
  • HR Management System with Asset Management
  • Task Management
  • Payment Management System
  • Customer Support System
  • Partner Management System (Franchise/Affiliate/Reseller/Ambassador)
  • Website with Course Management
  • Certificate Generation with Blockchain Technology

With scalability at the forefront, 100X Suite not only supports present enrollment growth but also prepares organizations for future expansion.


Trusted and utilized by over 1000 educational organizations, ranging from EdTech Companies, Coaching & Training Institutes, Study Abroad Consultants, K12 Schools, Play & Pre-Schools to Higher Education Institutions, 100X Suite showcases its robust capabilities on an annual basis!



Keep an eye on financial transactions and smoothly manage budgets to guarantee compliance and stability.

Customer Support

Give priority to and quickly address consumer questions to increase satisfaction and loyalty.


To increase enrollment, streamline the admissions procedure, and give potential students a smooth experience.


Using data-driven insights and automation tools, strategically plan and carry out marketing initiatives.

Trainer Management

Make sure that instructors and training materials are used and performed to their best potential by managing them effectively.

Batch Management

Monitor student development and oversee batches thoroughly to enable individualized Education.


To increase worker productivity and happiness, streamline HR procedures and accurately manage personnel data.


Effortlessly produce excellent Educational materials that satisfy the changing requirements of teachers and students.